Good for teeth and breath

Braaaf products donโ€™t only ensure that your dog feels better and is calmer. A good rawhide reduces the chances of bad breath or even stops it altogether.

Prevents overweight

Dogs that chew regularly on a healthy and quality product, are less prone to becoming overweight. Chewing also helps to improve and speed up your dogโ€™s metabolism.

Not all products are Braaaf

Braaaf offers you a wide choice of many different treats and rawhides which are delicious, healthy and of the best quality. If Braaaf is on the package, you know for sure that itโ€™s good.

All dogs need to chew

It's best for all dogs to chew for twenty to thirty minutes every day. Of course you donโ€™t want your faithful four-footed friend destroying your house, chewing on all your furniture and possessions. You can prevent this by giving him a Braaaf snack every day.

IFS Certificate

The IFS Broker certificate shows that products have been checked and produced by certified companies from manufacturer to wholesaler. To ensure you of the best quality.
Braaaf has a IFS score of 98,47%

The best ingredients

When you buy a Braaaf product you can be sure that your dog is getting the very best. The products of Braaaf are hygienically packed and contain only the best ingredients. Our furry friends only deserve high quality snacks.