Q: Help, my dog is chewing on everything. What should I do?

A dog needs to chew every day. There is nothing wrong with that but you do, of course, have to give him something that he is allowed to chew on. For example, a chunky rawhide product.

Q: How long can my dog chew on a bone or rawhide?

That depends on your dog and how long he needs to chew. Braaaf rawhides and bones undergo a special, tighter pressing method. They are heavier than other products and therefore last longer.

Q: My dog’s breath stinks. How can I prevent this?

Chewing is really necessary to keep your dog’s teeth and gums in good shape. Gnawing on a good rawhide every day will help reduce the chances of bad breath or even stop it altogether.

Q: Why are Braaaf bones in plastic packets?

This is mainly for hygiene reasons. Furthermore, the bones can be easily and hygienically stored alongside the other products in the cupboard.

Q: How do I prevent plaque/tartar?

If your dog suffers from tartar on his teeth, this can only be removed by the vet, with your dog under anesthesia. Giving your dog something to chew on every day will quickly prevent a trip to the vet.

Q: My dog is overweight. Can I still give him a rawhide?

You should definitely give him something to chew. You should consider a fat-free product; rawhide in particular. Chewing on a good, healthy Braaaf product helps reduce the chances of overweight. Chewing helps by improving and speeding up your dog’s metabolism.

Q: Isn’t chewing dangerous?

A dog has to learn about chewing. A dog cannot determine what is good or safe for him. That’s a task for you, his owner.It is good for your dog to gnaw on bones and rawhides, but this should be supervised! Furthermore, it is sensible to give your dog a product that is suitable for him. It is better to give him a larger rawhide than one which is too small.

Q: What is the difference between the different brands of rawhides?

Braaaf literally means good: good products, better purified rawhide, less waste products and therefore healthier. But it is also packed more hygienically and so there is less chance of infection from flies. There are many kinds of rewards you can give your dog. A Braaaf rawhide product is one of the few treats that your dog can chew on for between thirty minutes and an hour per day – without it being harmful because Braaaf rawhide and by-products have animal proteins.

Q: So many snacks, bones and rawhides…How do I choose? What is suitable for my dog?

That depends on what you are using it for. Is it a reward; has he been a good dog? Or is it mainly for chewing purposes, for his teeth and gums and preventing him gnawing the furniture? Rawhide is especially appropriate for a long, daily chew. It is healthy and a responsible choice because it contains only animal proteins and Braaaf only uses high quality rawhide with minimal or almost no waste products. Dogs do, sometimes, have to get used to rawhide. Animal by-products have more flavour and so are more popular. By-products with bones are also suitable for chewing and those without bones are finished quicker. You can compare them more to a tasty snack like a biscuit. Although they are certainly more healthy. Smaller treats are the soft snacks. You can give these freely to your dog during a training session. Your choice of product should, of course, be in line with your dog’s diet and have similar attributes as the food you give your dog

Q: Are rawhides suitable for my dog?

Rawhide, in principle, is not harmful for a dog. You should start when your dog is still young; dogs have to learn to chew on rawhide. If an older dog has problems with rawhide it is usually because he is just not used to it. Remember also: chewing should be supervised.

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