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Our chewy snacks are the perfect addition to a healthy diet for dogs! For hygiene reasons, our chewy snacks are individually packaged. Immediately recognizable quality, because your loyal four-legged friends deserve only the very best.

You can recognize a cleaner and therefore healthier skin by the color. You can also recognize the best quality buffalo hide by the nice Braaaf logo.
A dog can't decide what's best for him, that's up to you! If you choose our buffalo hide snacks, you choose a healthy, hygienically packed product. Our buffalo hide snacks are pressed twice, so you can be sure that there is as little air in it as possible and you buy a good quality product. We have buffalo hide snacks in all sorts, sizes and flavors. There is something for every dog!
A dog with sensitive intestines, a dull coat or just one that appreciates the finer things in life. Braaaf offers the first rawhides made of 100% fish!
The cream of the crop, that's what 100% fish snacks from Braaaf are! Fish snacks may not immediately spring to mind when you think of dogs, but they love them. Our fish snacks have a high degree of acceptance and are full of good ingredients for your dog. They consist of only 3.8% fat and contain essential Omega 3 fatty acids. More importantly, they have no added colors or flavors and are recommended by many veterinarians.
Just like people, dogs also have allergies, preferences and specific dietary needs. For this reason, Braaaf Vegan snacks feature a special texture that ensures a high degree of digestion and acceptance. In addition, they are gluten-free without loss of delicious taste and quality.
By chewing the Braaaf Vegan snacks dogs also help to reduce meat consumption. In short: responsible and safe chewing without animal ingredients.
Braaaf offers you a choice of many different, but always responsible and tasty rewards and chewing products of top quality. Braaaf Soft Snack is a delicious snack for any dog. Our Soft Snacks are grain free making them ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs or special dietary requirements.
Due to the soft texture, the snacks are suitable for any age whether they are puppy or an older dog. They are hygienically packed and are resealable so they have a long shelf life. The Soft Snacks are also available in many different flavours.ย  Whether your dog likes lamb, fish or duck we have it all. For every dog there is a perfect Soft Snack!
Braaaf Sheep Fat Cubes are 100% natural and a real BonBon for the dog. We have them in three flavors, garlic, seaweed and salmon. They contribute to a soft, shiny coat and increase the natural resistance of the dog.
The Sheep Fat Cubes are a real treat for your dog. Which flavor suits your dog best?
Braaaf Dog Food Sauce, a natural and tasty product. Our Dog Food Sauce contains vitamins and minerals and is a perfect addition to your dog's diet. It supports the natural resistance of the dog and is good for skin and coat!
Specially for the picky dog! Or just because your four-legged friend deserves something extra. A tasty sauce for your dog's food in two different flavors. Salmon Oil and Salmon & Sheep.
There's nothing like a nice piece of meat from the butcher. This is now also possible for dogs! Give four-legged friends the pleasure of quality meat with the butcher products from Braaaf.
Beef bones, buffalo ears or duck wings? At the Braaaf butcher shop we have something for everyone! Our snacks are hygienically packed and selected for their natural composition. Making the right choice for your dog can be a challenge, with so much choice on the market. If you choose Braaaf then you are assured of a healthy product with good quality!