Hi hello, I'm Julie!

My owner is the best owner in the world and only gives me the best food. She only eats good food and therefore buys less and less meat. And of course I want to do the same as she does. She recently bought a new snack for me and I love it. The Braaaf vegan snack! I could chew on these tasty snacks all day long.

All day I do the craziest tricks, so I deserve a vegan snack. Unfortunately, my owner doesn't fall for that, but I still try and do my best. Is your dog going to do the craziest tricks for these Braaaf Vegan snacks? Then make a nice picture of your dog and post it on social media with the hashtag #gekvanvegansnacks. And who knows, maybe your dog will be on the Braaaf social media, just like me!

Us dogs only deserve the very best. So we only want the best snacks, because snacks are essential in a dog's daily diet. All dog's have a natural chewing need that's around 30 minutes a day. Just like our owners need their daily exercise. But we don't always need to chew on a meat product.

Just like humans, do we dog's also have allergies, food preferences and specific dietary needs. That's why the Braaaf Vegan snack has a special texture that ensures a good digestion and acceptance by your dog. In addition, the snacks are also gluten-free without losing the delicious taste and quality.

By chewing on the Vegan snacks, we also help reduce our meat consumption. I'm happy to say that we can chew without worries on the delicious Vegan Snacks while we don't eat any meat.
Down below you can see all my friends who also tasted a tasty Vegan snack. Has your dog become a fan too? Then share your #gekvanvegansnacksย moment on social media and join my friends list!

Bye, Julie.